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We Guarantee to Sell Your Home in Under 25 Days or We'll Sell It For FREE!

As a seller, you sure must be feeling hesitant and cautious in many aspects. We understand this, your property is your biggest asset and settling for a less-than-ideal deal is definitely not your plan. Therefore, Asking Price Realty, brings to you an aggressive program you cannot overlook. It’s Risk-Free and it’s Guaranteed.

We, at Asking Price Realty are determined to provide convenient and smart solutions for Homeowners looking to sell their property. Our 25 Day Guarantee Program is just one of the lengths we go to for the seller. The program basics are simple: We give you a contract Guarantee that your property will be sold within 25 days or we will sell it FREE.

Guidelines & Conditions

Everything is written in contract so there is no confusion or misunderstanding. The Program, clear as day, is written down, with the timeframe of 25 if we don’t sell your property, we don’t take an extra dollar from you even if it does sell later. Meaning, if it takes us longer than 25 days to receive an offer for your property that is acceptable to you, will result in us selling your property with NO Commission paid to us!

There are some conditions that you, as a seller, are required to meet before you can be eligible for this Program but they are basic and simple. The conditions are:

Your property must be in saleable condition. That means it is fully constructed – we don’t take half-complete homes under our Guarantee Program. ​If you have questions about whether or not your property falls into this category than gives us a call to discuss.

The Asking Price for your property should be realistic and authentic. For example, If the FREE property appraisal we provide indicates that your property is worth $500,000 and you want us to sell it for $600,000, than we cannot Guarantee to sell it within 25 Days. We sell properties very close to the Asking Price, that’s why we are Asking Price Realty,

Why use this Guarantee Program?

With this Guarantee Program, homeowners get the peace of mind that their house can be sold at their asking price in a small time span of just 25 days.

No Risk Involved:  If we don’t’ sell your property within 25 days we will release the listing on the 26th day. Why not enjoy a Guarantee with us that prioritizes and sells your property in less than a month!

Fast and Efficient: No other Program for your property can be so quick, efficient, and convenient to you. Selling a property in less than a month at a top dollar price? Unbelievable yet it’s true with us!

Let’s set your Asking Price and leave it up to us to sell it within 25 days.

Got it? Let’s go then! Your home is on its way to be sold in 25 days! Call us at 718.227.7777.

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