The Home Buying Process


The Process

Buying a house is likely to be one of the largest investments you make in your life.  The first step is the most important and that’s deciding that you are ready to purchase property.

A knowledgeable Asking Price Realty agent will help you find a home to suit all your needs.  After an Asking Price agent knows all your criteria, you and the agent can visit houses which meet your needs. Allow adequate time for all the steps necessary to purchase the right home at the right price.

It is ideal to set up an appointment with MortgageDepot. Speak to a loan officer to obtain a pre-approval letter in order to make an effective offer.  Set a realistic budget and timeline, allowing for the expenses of moving, any necessary time off work, and the costs of settling into a new home.

Questions for the First Time Buyer

Buying a home isn't like retail shopping. You can't return it the next day if you don't like it. Allow adequate time for house hunting to make sure you find a home that suits your personal lifestyle. The tips below will help you find the right home and avoid common home-buying mistakes.

Helpful Tips for Buyers

Home Inspection Ins & Outs

Whether or not you are buying a new property or have an existing one, a homeowner should obtain a professional inspection of their house every couple of years. This simple task can break the bank and send you into additional unnecessary expense. Hiring a professional will disclose all the necessary repairs and will certainly save you on the hassle of dealing with repairs and save you a ton of money.  An inspection should be done especially if the property underwent large renovations.

Most home inspections are completed as a part of the property acquisition. As part of the home inspection, things being evaluated are electrical and structural, plumbing and heating.  Other things, such as prevention and maintenance, are discussed during the home inspection with the professional.

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